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Every great thing begins from the small one...

It all started in 1998 when we began to produce linen table-clothes and bed-linen. Bold colours in combination with durable linen fabric became both the guarantee of success on the market and the interest of our customers to the products.

In 2001 the first models of night-gowns, pyjamas and bath-robes appeared.

Shortly they became the basis of the house-clothes collection of 100 % linen.

We have chosen linen almost by intuition. On the one hand it attracted us with its prestigiousness (as even pharaons wore linen clothes), from the other hand we were interested in exploring the unknown qualities of linen as the original fabric.

In 2003 appears the collection of linen summer clothes that included 60 models, mainly for women. In 2004 - 2005 the collection counted already 240 models. So we have forseen the fashion for linen years before it began and became the first retail network with such an amazing choice of linen items.

The new collection of young designers with the brand "Elena Zelini" is completely devoted to men. The models of the collection "Linit by Elena Zelini" of 100% linen will be prsented at the exhibition "Pitti Immagine Uomo" in Florence.

Handsome, strong, smart; Able to look inside himself and amaze at something new, and ...to fly, at least for a moment.

We are at the most important fashion show for men's clothing "Pitti Immagine Uomo" where we present our brand Linit by Elena Zelini.

We show our man's collection made of pure linen cloth. Apparel for a cool man looking for something comfortable and trendy.

Crumpled shirts and troussers, as well as, long shirts to wear during the long and warm summer nights.

A man who looks inside himself. A man focus on the essential. A man ready to sieze any opportunity life gives him and enjoy every single moment. This is the man of Linit.